Which feminine power archetype are you?

As women, we are many different things at once.

Beautifully complex and deliciously messy.

We bring all these aspects of ourselves into what we do, who we are, how we show up in the world.

I find that Archetypes are a super fun way to identify with these different parts of ourselves.

You can think of archetypes as different characters in your story with certain personality traits, strengths and shadows, that show up at different times.

Sometimes we are moved by one, and other times we may desire more of one and can call on it to invoke parts of ourselves that we want to strengthen.

This short quiz will provide a peak into what archetype you are playing with the most right now - and perhaps ignite some feelings of other parts that are dormant in you, awaiting their turn.

When you answer the questions, move from your first response. Try not to think about it. Feel the answer in your body and check k the box.

This too is an exercise in listening to your body, not over thinking, dropping out of your head and all its opinions and let your body

lead - which is pretty much the central theme of ALL MY WORK.

Here is an opportunity to play, and feel your body's answers.

After you submit your quiz you will be emailed your current archetype, some tips to embody her a bit more, and an archetypal PLAYLIST to listen to and move through your body.

If you don't see the email make sure to check your spam.

And of couese feel free to email me back what you got and how it feels aligned, or not aligned, for you in your current life experience.

the four wild feminine archetypes:

which one are you ?

take the quiz below to find out!

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